There's No Business Like...The Sun

Livsstil og trends | 20. september 2012

In this edition of The Woodward Report, journalist Lasse Engelbrecht Jensen explores the future of solar energy from The Mohave Desert in California, to MIT in Boston to the production lines in China

Solar energy has the capacity to fully meet the world's energy needs within the next 20 years, says futurist Ray Kurzweil, and his predictions on technology have been right before. At the same time, ambitious goals in California, the increased use of nanotechnology and unique research at the World's leading universities also suggest that solar could dominate the energy market before 2030. 

Click on and hear what people from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, George Washington University Solar Institute, Solar Millenium LLC, Nanosolar and Yingli Solar have to say.

And (for Danish-speaking viewers) check out our follow-up discussion with the experts here.

Reporting: Lasse Engelbrecht
Camera: Thomas Idorn Hass / Jan Rørkær
Edit: Thomas Idorn Hass / Jan Rørkær

Musik: Thomas Gulyás, TG Mediasound.

Host: Brian Woodward,


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