Green Week: International agreements will be extremely difficult

Livsstil og trends | 18. oktober 2011

Connie Hedegaard is one of the most powerful, and respected, voices in climate policy in the world.  As the EU's first ever Commissioner for Climate Action she is on the front lines of international negotiations and is currently preparing for two key climate summit talks in Durban in 2011 (COP17) and Rio+20 next year.

But those negotiations will be extremely difficult and slow, she says. She blames that in part on the lack of recognition that climate change is real in some countries like the United States and on an unwillingness by leaders to enact tariff programs that punish the use of fossil fuels and encourage the use of green energy.

Hedegaard says that realizing real climate change in the future will require use of both the whip and the carrot and that Europe is on the right track to incentivizing investors.

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