#SPOTinteractive: How a business and creativity can co-exist

Erhverv | 2. maj 2014

For most people business and creativity are on two different ends of the specter. But it doesn't have to be like that. 

Steen Rasmussen and Gerard Whelan share some of the many reasons why business and creativity goes so well hand in hand for the benefit of both parties, and how you design and develop interactive media experiences that reach new audiences and create new branding opportunities with new ways of earning money in mind.

Steen Rasmussen is Director of Innovation with IIH Nordic, and Gerard Whelan is an award winning graphic designer and art director working within the realm of print and digital media.   

Jyske Bank TV is covering SPOT interactive Conference in Aarhus 1.-2. May 2014. Follow us on jyskebank.tv and on Twitter.

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